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We invite each Cardiology program in our Blue-Sky State of Montana to share video recordings of any academic  or educational activity in this location.  We hope that this can become a valuable resource not only for Cardiologists, but also for our ancillary team members (i.e.:  Cath Lab, Echo, Clinic, ECG staff).   We have also received a significant interest for this kind of resource from clinical providers located in more remote locations of our State or who are not able to participate in educational activities routinely found in larger facilities. 

Passwords are not required for ; we do have a very strict requirement that HIPAA precautions be taken to the fullest extent.  Please feel free to share!

All cardiology programs in Montana are invited to submit interesting presentations.  Please send your video links to and identify them for inclusion on this webpage.  We will be sure to identify the healthcare facility for each submission, and to perhaps group them accordingly.

Thank you for your interest, and for your support of this pilot effort!!

BENEFIS HEART AND VASCULAR/GREAT FALLS:   At Benefis, we started a new weekly academic conference format in the fall of 2020.  On occasion, we have speakers from within our own group to deliver an informal presentation on a topic of interest.  During other weeks, we review pre-recorded video presentations from larger cardiac, surgical or endovascular conferences (VuMedi, others).  Infrequently, we have also utilized this time to complete necessary in-service training for our staff or to invite vendors who want to make a more formal group presentation of their hardware/devices/etc.  Following each presentation there is usually a few minutes of group discussion about the topic.  Thank you for joining us!

February 19, 2021:    “Five Best Structural Trials of the Last Year: Mitra-FR, COAPT, PARTNER 3, Evolut Low Risk and POPular TAVI Trials” by Dr. Michael Reardon, Houston Methodist, Houston, TX. Presented at Scottsdale Interventional Forum 2020.  Dr. Reardon is a CV Surgeon…it may be interesting to hear from a different perspective. Five Best Structural Trials of the Last Year: Mitra-FR, COAPT, PARTNER 3, Evolut Low Risk and POPular TAVI Trials   (14 Minutes)  


February 26, 2021:  Our first presentation reviews TMVRepair + GDMT as a potential treatment for MR.   The presentation is by Dr. Ray Matthews, Keck School of Medicine of USC, Los Angeles, CA.   TMVR: Is the MitraClip Percutaneous Therapy and GDMT a More Effective and Safer Treatment for Heart Failure Patients with Functional MR Than GDMT Alone? What Devices to Use for Valve Replacement? (21 MIN)

The second video presented is “Emerging Role of CCTA and CTFFR in CAD Detection and Treatment”.  The presentation is by Dr. Stamatios Lerakis, Mount Sinai Health System, New York, NY. Presented at Complex Coronary Cases Symposium.     Emerging Role of CCTA and CTFFR in CAD Detection and Treatment (21 MIN) 

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