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  • Editor's Corner | Myocardial Ischemia Redux
    I suspect many of us have grown weary of hearing about what ISCHEMIA, COURAGE, those fractional flow reserve (FFR) trials, and CIAO (see below if that trial escaped you) tell us about best therapeutic strategies for coronary artery disease (CAD). That is not what this editorial is about.
  • Cover Story | Team Up: Patient-Centered Geriatric Cardiology
    The patient is a 75-year-old African American woman who is thin and frail. She has a history of coronary artery disease with two NSTEMIs in the past three years. Catheterization showed a 90% blockage in the left anterior descending artery.
  • Feature | A 2020 View of Inflammation
    Inflammation is the quintessential frenemy (a portmanteau of "friend" and "enemy"). Just about the best friend a body can have when it needs to fight off an unwelcome invader, but also a formidable enemy because of its tissue-destroying, risk-fueling qualities that see it implicated in the pathogenesis of a wide range of diseases and conditions.
  • Feature | Cardiovascular Care of Women: Understanding the Disparities
    In many areas of cardiovascular disease, women are undertreated compared with men. They are less likely to receive statins for dyslipidemia and less likely to receive anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation (AFib).
  • Feature | Where There is Crisis There is Opportunity: A Message from the ACC Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
    Together, the glaring disparities in COVID-19 infection and treatment, renewed evidence of longstanding police brutality and the poignancy of the Black Lives Matter movement have crystalized the tragedy that is structural racism in the U.S. This reality has persisted for centuries and continues to result not only in lives lost but also generations stripped of […]